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Leveraging more than a decade of experience in interactive 3d graphics for news television and virtual reality, we provide a software that builds in just a few clicks professional interactive 3D presentations. Below are the type of elements that can be displayed by 3dPresenter …




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3d Presenter allows to make very different and impressive presentations. True 3d, interactive animations, please contact us to see the various type that can be shown on 3d Presenter …

We are the simplest solution to use. Do you know how to use Powerpoint ? If so, you will know how to use 3d Presenter in under 5 minutes !

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Our service team can support you fully to build your next presentations: advices on the content, graphic design, special requests, connected solutions… up to the day of your presentation !



3d counters

Want to count products, people, costs or ressources ?

3D configurable products

Display raw or enhanced 3D visuals of your configurable products.

3D charts

To highlight any kind of data spread over time, geographies, sectors...

Large-scale visualization

All the content can be made to fit power walls, multi-channel, tracking-powered installations

Our Team
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3dPresenter is developed by a leading-edge interactive graphics software “start-up”. We work with large and small corporations and have a strong culture of customer care : we understand the smooth roll-out of your event is as important to you as a newscast can be for a nation-wide TV broadcaster. The founders of 3dPresenter worked for 20 years in the 3D TV and virtual reality industry. They pioneered and put to market many technologies in the field of interactive 3D graphics.

Beyond the core team (expert in low-level 3d engine programming, scripting, 3d design …), a network of several dozens of specialists in various subdomains can be leveraged in association to the 3dPresenter software (luxury brand 3d design, slide design, cloud integration…).


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